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Monasticism, Education and Formation

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Acts of the International Symposium, Rome, 8-11 June 2021

di Bernard Sawicki, O.S.B. (ed.)

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Education is natural in the monastic tradition. In a monastic context, it is not only a service performed externally, but an ongoing, integral process concerning both the monks themselves and the people they serve. And this service is also integral: it is not merely teaching, i.e. imparting specific cognitive content, but also the entire pedagogical setting: educating, training and forming the whole person. Nowadays, the globalized world needs new educational ideas and practices. These are becoming increasingly urgent in the face of growing economic inequalities and the resulting political tensions. It is clear that Benedictine monasteries are just a small group of players on the world education stage. The historical and spiritual heritage that they treasure, however, allows them to be convinced that the monks, even in these complex and increasingly secular times, have something to give to the world, also in the field of education.

Bernard Sawicki, monaco dell’abbazia benedettina di Tyniec (Cracovia) in Polonia, è laureato in teoria di musica e pianoforte. È dottore in teologia. Negli anni 2005-2013 è stato abate di Tyniec. Dal 2014 al 2018 ha svolto il compito di Coordinatore dell’Istituto Monastico presso la Facoltà di Teologia dell’Ateneo Pontificio Sant’Anselmo a Roma.

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